MIA Food Tech manufactures machinery for:

Brittle Bars

The machines of MIA Food Tech allow you to make brittle bars with dried fruit in the form of whole fruit or grains, with sugar and possible addition of glucose. Our selection of machines reduces operator fatigue and allows you to mechanize passages that are often carried out manually.

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Complementing our range of machinery to produce nougat, praline, crunchy product etc. These processing and coating machinery with widths of 400-600-800mm and capacities ranging between 50 Kg/hour to 200 kg/hour.

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Dried Fruits Machines

To complete the whole range of machines for the production of nougats, chocolates, brittle bars etc… MIA Food Tech has created a series of toasters with a capacity of 50 – 150 – 250 kg of product for roasting any type of dried fruit, complete with automation in loading and unloading and therefore easy and comfortable to use and clean.

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Equipments for Confectionery

To satisfy the Confectionery sector, small artisan laboratories or research and experimentation laboratories, and provide Equipments suitable for smaller productions, MIA Food Tech offers a series of small machines with the same technology as the production plants.

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MIA Food Tech machines allow you to make brittle bars and nougat with manual, semi-automatic and automatic processes. In the following selection you can find machines suitable for all types of processing on nougat and brittle bars, with innovative technologies that facilitate the work of operators, reducing fatigue and process times.

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Pralines and Dragées

This selection of Mia Food Tech’s automatic or semi-automatic machinery allows you to produce praline (nuts coated with caramelized sugar), dragées (nuts coated with chocolate), or chopped nuts coated with caramelized sugar or chocolate.

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