Brittle Bars

Cookers for creams, jams, krokants, nougat, toffee, cereal bars

C1 / CT1 / C2 / CT2

More spectacular crunchy products, sweetest creams, good nougat is the result of a correct main job as temperatures, patience and a continuous raw materials kneading.

Pastries art require a long experience and continuous care of testing.

MIA Food Tech cookers are, for laboratories and industries, high co-workers: preciseness, practiced, tireless, taking operators off from manual process giving them time for other jobs.

Cookers C1 / CT1 / C2 and CT2 use a planetary system (or a singular spatula), electrical heating system, head and bowl rotation. Can be used stand alone or in a set of cookers (for automatic line).

Cookers MIA Food Tech are really well-versed and can produce: creams, jams, krokants, nougat, toffee, cereal bars…

Vessel capacity:

  • C1 / CT1 AUTO: 30 liters
  • C2 / CT2 AUTO: 60 liters

Overall dimensions: 1200 x 950 x 1650 mm. Weight: 400 Kg

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