Automatic Line for the production of nougat

It’s not enough make a good nougat for selling high quality: it’s necessary to work it, laminate and cut giving his best quality also in packs to draw customers.

MIA Food Tech, following all demands from his customers, innovate his automatic plants for nougat bars and slices with possibility to add chocolate coating machine, following next line scheme:

  1. Lamination system
  2. Cooling / warming tunnel
  3. Longitudinal cutter
  4. Transversal cutter
  5. 180° bender belt to feed the second cooling tunnel
  6. Second cooling tunnel to cool final products to feed packaging machines

All equipments are lead by electronical system and one main operator panel touch screen. MIA Food Tech help you to improve and plan your production to save your production time, supplying “ Automatic turnkey plant”.

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