Our Company

Innovation and continual research

Production Catalogue

MIA Food Tech produces machinery dedicated to the food industry, especially for the following product types: nutritional supplements, chocolate, pralines, dragées, nougat, crunchy product, jam, cereal based snacks, muesli and nuts.

Experience and technical expertise enable us to produce a wide range of products from single stand alone machines to complete automatic production system and turnkey installations.

MIA Food Tech’s innovation and continual research are the basis of the design and development of the machine components in addition to the attention given to their safe operation.

Customer service

MIA Food Tech’s offers quick and efficient customer service ready to satisfy the requirements of their costumers both in Italy and throughout the world.

This costumer service includes the supply of spare parts, specialist manpower for service and repair, and consultation for the optimum utilization of our machinery already in service and the development of new products either by our internal staff or the best out sourced specialists.

The point that sets up apart is our rapid response to customer requirements, putting us at the top of the Italian and international market place.

Choosing a MIA Food Tech machine guarantees your investment in a well built and easy to use machine and to have available the vast technical experience of our staff.

La MIA Food Tech waits for you in his factory where you can try our machinery before buying and we can advise you of the best possible solution for your requirements.

Our Machines

Machinery for fruits and raw materials

Roasting equipment for hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios nuts, macadamia nuts; grinders for nougat, crunchy product and nuts; shelves for all forms of nuts and pralines.

Machinery for sweet production

Machinery to coat nuts with sugar, coating systems to coat products with chocolate (shiny or powder), cookers and kneaders for nougat, crunchy product, cereal bars, chocolate truffles, jam, cream and amaretti.

Machinery for the final processing of products

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic cutting systems for chocolate, nougat, cremini, biscuits, crunchy product, etc.; ultrasonic cutting systems for other sweet products; tables for the preparation of various products; tooling to work with chocolate, nougat biscuits, crunchy product, etc.; bespoke machinery and tooling for the client; installations and automatic lines for nougat, crunchy product, cereal bars, energy bars, etc.; cooling tunnels; stand alone processing and coating machinery to supplement our automatic installations.