chocolate coating

Chocolate coating for the production of dragées, jordan almonds and / or colored products


The chocolate coating DRG15 it’s built for the production of dragées, jordan almonds and / or colored products.

Production: 10-15 kg / h for confiseries and industrial laboratories.

The chocolate coating DRG15 it is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 for coating of various type and size of products based on the customer’s request.

Chocolate coating DRG15, standard model

  • Electronic system for adjusting the speed of the coating pan;
  • Air injection group, with the option to vary the position and the inclination of the blow through the positioning of the pipe;
  • Quick system for disassembly the pipe to speed up the unloading of the product and the cleaning of the coating pan


  • Refrigerator unit with a stainless steel frame, used for the control of the cold temperature of the air fed into the coating pan with digital thermoregulator.

Nominal production: 10 – 15 Kg per batch/h (dragées with nuts).

Power supply: 4 kW -Tri-phases 400V – 50 Hz (standard) – possible with different voltages and frequencies

Overall dimensions: Width 1600 mm, Length 850 mm, H= 1500 mm (standard version). Weight: 250 Kg

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