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MIA Food Tech machines allow you to make brittle bars and nougat with manual, semi-automatic and automatic processes. In the following selection you can find machines suitable for all types of processing on nougat and brittle bars, with innovative technologies that facilitate the work of operators, reducing fatigue and process times.

In the wide range of machinery produced by MIA Food Tech are machines suitable for all types of production of crunchy product and nougat:

MIA Food Tech has a wide range of cookers with capacities from 10 kg to 120 kg.

Cookers are suitable to produce dough, with automatic mixing and cooking of the ingredients.

There are various types of heating: gas, steam or electric and it is possible to unload the product automatically.

MIA Food Tech can supply semi automatic machinery to roll or press evenly the dough in to the moulds or onto the tables in manual or semi automatic processes.

MIA Food Tech produces a wide range of cutters for the finished product: bars, pieces, cakes, sweets.

The cutters produced by MIA Food Tech offers a high quality of cut, fast cutting speed, with many possible dimensions while respecting the current health and safety regulations.

MIA Food Tech is always striving to find new technology concerning reliability and safety.

The technology available includes traditional cutting systems with circular blades to ultrasonic cutters.

MIA Food Tech produces automatic lines to unload, roll, laminate and cut nougat or crunchy products with capacities ranging from 100 kg/hour to 500 kg/hour.

MIA Food Tech produces cooling tunnels that can be added to our systems, cutters or other systems.

The widths available are 300-400-600-800 mm and the length ranges between 10 m and 30 m the dimensions depend on the product being produced.

The tunnel can cool, heat or dehumidify the air contained within it.

The products produced by our system can also be coated with chocolate by one of our coating systems that can be installed on our production lines.

The coating machines are also supplied with a system to melt the chocolate.

They are available with a mesh conveyor belt with the following widths 400-600-800.