Volumetric dosing for nuts paste and spreads


Volumetric dosing DV500 for nuts paste and spreads with air drives made of stainless steel with column for floor installation and adjustable plate for jars.

Machine studied for laboratories or small productions.

Dosage from 100 to 500 ml with graduated rod for linear adjustment of the piston stroke.

Hopper in stainless steel of a truncated cone load for the loading of the product to be dosed.

Production speed: 8-12 cycles / min.

Production runs manually or automatically.

Cleaning cycle to speed the dosing changeover or for cleaning the machine at the end of the day.

Electrical connection 220V monophase 50 Hz With CEE plug.

Overall dimensions: 1050 x 500 x 1400 mm. Weight: 60 Kg

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