Sugar coating machine for sugar coating dried fruits


According with the new safety rules the P20RG is replaced by the electrical heating machineP20RE

Fingers sweet is the best taste temptation.

MIA Food Tech propose sugar coating machine P20RG for sugar coating dried fruits use.

P20RG are semi-automatic, frame completely in stainless steel AISI 304 while bowl are In copper (for sugar) for whole or dicing dried fruits.

Machines include:

  1. Electronical system to modify bowl rotation speed
  2. Bowl rotation to unload final products or set the correct angle to coat
  3. Gas heating system with direct flames adjustable electronically. It’s possible to modify the heating power and set the starting flame in safety condition

Pan capacity: 10-20 KG

Nomina production: 30-35 Kg/h

Overall dimension: W. 1700 mm, L. 1300 mm, H. 1550 mm. Weight: 280 Kg

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