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Cooling and peeling unit for toasted nuts and hazelnuts

Roasted nuts cooling and hazelnuts peeling unit through a controlled rolling process.

The product, passing through the hopper, is loaded on a perforated stainless steel plate.

The roasted nuts movement / rolling  is made by a gear motor which, through a series of paddles, has gone out to homogenize the flow to cool / peel the product.

In the lower part of the system, they are conveyed the hazelnuts peels that will be removed at the end of the production process.

When the roasted nuts will be ready to be discharged, operator is opening the discharging gate for facilitating the production and cleaning.

Roasted nuts cooling and hazelnuts peeling unit capacity: 15 – 30 – 50 Kg/h.

  • Overall dimensions with capacity 15 Kg / h: 600 x 600 x 750 mm. Weight 120 Kg
  • Overall dimensions with capacity 30 Kg / h: 750 x 750 x 850 mm. Weight 160 Kg
  • Overall dimensions with capacity 50 Kg / h: 1500 x 1500 x 1000 mm. Weight 200 Kg

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