Balls Mill Refiner for the production of dried fruit paste, spreadable creams, chocolate, etc.


The Balls Mill – Refiner MILL50 is used for the production / refining of dried fruit paste (hazelnut, almond, pistachio, macadamia, etc.), for spreadable creams, chocolate, surrogate and pastes for ice creams / pastry.

The capacity of the balls mill reaches 50 Kg of finished product with a production of 45-50 kg / batch of product with fineness of 20-22 microns, with a minimum fat content of 30%

The machine uses a refrigeration unit for the management of the optimum temperature of the manufacturing process of the product to maintain the organoleptic properties of the ingredients used.

Integrated in the system, the heating unit to use for certain recipes and to allow do not solidify residues of fat in the working pauses among  the steel balls.

The recirculation of the circuit is obtained with a patented pump that allows the production of liquid creams with high percentage of oil and creams with high percentage of sugar (processed and rough).

The tank, the balls and the mixing arm, are made in fully hardened steel, they raise the overall production efficiency of the machine and contribute to the sanitization of the same.

The Balls Mill – Refiner MILL50 is using, in the production process, the dried fruit flour made with the grinder CRICK CROCK-100-4T , and / or roasting lines for nuts.

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(Michael Novak)

We invite you at the laboratory of the MIA Food Tech to try this machine and to study the customized recipes with the technical staff of our company.

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