Dried Fruits Machines

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To complete the whole range of machines for the production of nougats, chocolates, brittle bars etc... MIA Food Tech has created a series of toasters with a capacity of 50 - 150 - 250 kg of product for roasting any type of dried fruit, complete with automation in loading and unloading and therefore easy and comfortable to use and clean.

Complementing our range of machinery to produce nougat, praline, crunchy product etc… is a series of roasters with capacities of 50-150-250 Kg of nuts.

These machines have been designed and manufactured working closely with our customers and can process shelled nuts directly for sale, or for use in other finished products such as nougat, crunchy product or products coated in sugar or chocolate.

MIA Food Tech’s roasters can be supplied with:

  • conveyor belt with hopper to automatically load the product in to the roaster
  • system to remove the combustion fumes and collect the skin of the nuts
  • transportation system to cool and clean the nuts after roasting

MIA Food Tech manufactures a range of grinders that can grinder nuts or other finished products like nougat, crunchy product, with the capacity of 50-100-200 Kg/hour.